Since its establishment in 1992, Wade new material has devoted itself to the R & D, production and sales of cement products. The birth of the first cement tile of Wade new material in 1997 injected new vitality into the domestic roof tile industry and completely broke the previous pattern of foreign brands unifying China.

More than 20 years of nausea, inspiration and gratitude!

Wade new material has developed into four subsidiaries: Handan Wade, Wuhan Wade, Handan kefu'an and Anhui Wade. The products have formed a material supplier of roof system integrating roof insulation, roof waterproof, roof tile and various roof accessories. It is also rated as a high-tech enterprise by the state!
The fully automa...
We have
*Computer controlled automatic batching and mixing system;
*A number of international leading fully automated color tile production lines, Asia's advanced intelligent operation and maintenance system;
*Imported automatic cement tile tray packing and winding system;
*Domestic top R & D and production technology team and foreign expert consultant team;
*Including: bending tester, rain test rack, digital drying oven, etc;
*Experimental test center including complete set of equipment
  • Automatic loading and unloading system
  • Automatic mixing and batching system
  • Operation and maintenance warehouse
  • Array curing combustion system
  • Pre packaging system
  • Double flying cutter forming system
  • Computer control system
  • Large capacity cement silo
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