Wade new material - Anhui Langxi factory

Anhui Wade factory is the fifth generation factory of Wade new material. It is located in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. It is under construction and covers an area of 100 mu. It is the East China production and R & D base of Wade new material. Under the guiding ideology of "scale, intelligence, informatization and standardization" of chairman Xie Fuqiang, Anhui Wade will be built into a comprehensive entity with multi-function and multi business forms according to local conditions, scientific planning, reasonable layout and independent construction, strive to improve the intelligent level of the tile industry, and build a smart factory with adaptability, resource efficiency and genetic engineering, And integrate customers and business partners in business processes and value processes. Technology research and development direction: research and development of the perfect combination of Wade roof system and environment; Research and development of comfort and safety of Wade roof system; Wade roofing system uses modern technology to provide reliable clean electric energy and thermal energy; Research and development of architectural integration of Wade roof system.