Since its establishment in 1992, Wade new material has devoted itself to the R & D, production and sales of cement products. The birth of the first cement tile of Wade new material in 1997 injected new vitality into the domestic roof tile industry and completely broke the previous pattern of foreign brands unifying China.

More than 20 years of nausea, inspiration and gratitude!

Wade new material has developed into four subsidiaries: Handan Wade, Wuhan Wade, Handan kefu'an and Anhui Wade. The products have formed a material supplier of roof system integrating roof insulation, roof waterproof, roof tile and various roof accessories. It is also rated as a high-tech enterprise by the state!

The fully automated production line imported from Italy in 2014 has become an advanced fully automated production line in Asia, realizing the whole process unmanned production of cement tile production, such as batching, forming, loading and unloading, maintenance, operation and packaging. The product quality has been greatly improved, which has established Wade's position as an expert in the industry.

More than ten kinds of unique tile types can meet the design styles of different buildings;

More than 100 colorful designs and colors can meet the aesthetic pursuit of personalized architecture;
With strong production and supply capacity, reliable product quality, perfect sales service system and continuous R & D and innovation ability, Wade is exported to overseas and enjoys a good reputation in China. It has been widely praised by many domestic real estate giants, including Vanke, zhongpoly, shouchuang, China Resources, Jinke, Xuhui, Huaxia happiness, Longhu, rongchuang, Zhongnan real estate and so on.
Wade company has formed the same strategic partnership with Evergrande real estate.
The world has us, we have more world.