Wade new material (Handan Wade new building materials Co., Ltd.) won the national high-tech enterprise qualification

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Recently, Wade new materials (Handan Wade new building materials Co., Ltd.) won the national high-tech enterprise qualification, which indicates that wade new materials has been affirmed and recognized by relevant national departments in R & D and innovation.

"National high tech enterprise" is the only nationally recognized qualification with national prefix, which is jointly recognized by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of taxation. Its recognition threshold is high, standards are strict, time-consuming and involves a wide range, which is an affirmation of a company's scientific research strength and authority. Since its establishment, Wade new material has taken the "high-tech enterprise" as an important work, constantly innovated and sought change, made great efforts in scientific and technological investment and independent innovation, established its own R & D department, introduced excellent high-tech talents through multiple channels, injected innovative vitality and development power into the development of the enterprise, and is committed to building a leading scientific and technological entrepreneurship advantage in the roof tile industry.

The honor of "high tech enterprise" is a beautiful business card of Wade new material, which will leave a glorious chapter in the development of the company. Wade new materials will take this as an opportunity and driving force to continuously strengthen R & D investment, improve technological innovation ability, cultivate high-quality talent team, improve the core competitiveness and service level of enterprises, give full play to the advantages and exemplary leading role of high-tech enterprises, and provide continuous talent support and technical support for the sustainable development of enterprises, Continue to provide customers with better products and services!
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