New quality and new image - Introduction to wade new material pallet winding packaging

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With the full-automatic production equipment of Wade new material (color cement tile, roof tile and villa tile) put into operation, Wade takes the lead in entering a new era of batch product pallet + winding film packaging in China.

The product packaging mode of pallet winding has completely broken the backward mode of bulk or bundling commonly used in China's cement tile industry, and greatly improved the product delivery image of cement tile.

It has the following advantages:

High loading and unloading efficiency (forklift loading and unloading time is about 40-60 minutes);

Low labor cost for unloading (only one forklift is required for unloading)

The product transportation loss is small (the pallet is wound and fixed, and the loss can be ignored);

The quantity of goods is clear at a glance (count the pallets to know how many tiles);

Safe and dustproof storage on site (winding film packaging can effectively prevent dust and dust);

The construction lifting is simple (you can go to the room directly with a crane or elevator tray, and then distribute it).

Dealers and friends are welcome to choose this packaging method. For details, please contact 0310-7025550 or your supervisor.

Wade new material will provide you with better products, more efficient delivery and more detailed service! Wade Xincai, everything for you!
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